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Fund Guidelines: 2016-2017 Cycle

The next Grant cycle for the Coquille Tribal Community Fund will open on September 1st, 2017 for Letters of Inquiry (see time line below). Organizations may also create a profile at any time to receive communications from the Fund Administrators about upcoming Grant Cycles or opportunities for making other connections with funders and other grant seekers. You can create your profile by clicking the links further down the page.


NOTE: The Fund Assistant has begun entering past grantees into the system. If you have received a grant from us in the past, we may have entered some information in the system for you already. Please e-mail or call us to get set up with a user name and password or to inquire if your organization has received past funding.

Jackie Chambers- Fund Assistant

Grant Timeline

Letters of Inquiry Due: SEPTEMBER 1 - OCTOBER 31
Applications Due: November 30
Board of Trustees meet: Mid-Late December
Awards Banquet: February



RETURNING USERS/creating a profile


If you have already created your profile on the new software and need to log in again or wish to start one, please use the link below for your convenience. Please e-mail or call the Community Fund Assistant if you have any issues: jackiechambers@coquilletribe.org or call 541-756-0904. If you are unsure if you have a profile created, please let us know and we can look into it for you.


To log in or create your profile, click here: Coquille Tribal Community Fund Log In Page



For extra help starting your application, below is a webinar for you to view. Click the "How to apply" link to view the video.

How To Apply


Here is a great video to watch on setting up the initial profile/Account:

Getting Started


The process

The application process begins with a letter of inquiry. This letter will provide basic information on the organization seeking funding and the project or program to be funded. The Letter of Inquiry gives an opportunity to determine whether or not a request fits within CTCF funding guidelines and gives grant-seekers an opportunity to test the eligibility of their requests before having to fill out the more lengthy application form. Please make note that requests must be for $1,000 or more. There is no limit to what you can request, however the Board of Trustees will make the final determination on funding. You can start your profile here: Create Profile

To find out what to include in a Letter of Inquiry, click here.

All Letters of Inquiry are reviewed and grant-seekers should expect to receive notification of the results of the review within a week or less. Grant-seekers whose projects are determined to be eligible for funding will be invited to complete a full application. Application forms will be available at that time in the new automated system. It is important to note that a determination of eligibility does not mean the program or project is guaranteed funding. It simply means that the project falls within the Fund's scope of giving. Not all applications that move to the next step will be approved. Each organization will be notified before the Holidays whether or not they are receiving a grant. Grantees will be notified of the awards banquet and lunch that is by invite only, where they will be invited to bring one guest and receive their award. In order to attend this event, you will need to RSVP to the appropriate person(s) and let them know of any special requests.

Grantee Requirements


  • The Grantee shall return to the Grantor any unexpended funds:
    • At the end of the grant period if funds are not spent, or
    • If the Grantor determines that the Grantee has not performed in accordance with this agreement and approved program/budget.


  • In the event the Grantee wishes to make any changes that will materially alter the scope, time line or nature of the project as originally proposed and for which the Grant was awarded, the Grantee must first submit a written request for modification of the Grant.
  • The Grantee agrees to permit site visits by members of the CTCF, or staff, as requested by CTCF for information purposes and/or audit purposes.
  • The Grantee agrees to deliver to CTCF a Yearly Report that documents the progress made toward achieving the results targeted in the original application. A Final Report is due once all funds have been used and the project as proposed in the application has been completed.

To find out what to include in a Letter of Inquiry or to complete a Letter of Inquiry online, click here.

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