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The Coquille Tribal Community Fund supports a broad spectrum of organizations and projects. Here are a few of our recent featured grantees. For the last few years of grantees, including our 2012-2013 grantees, click here.

Featured Grantees 2015-2016


-North Bend Senior Center ($4,000.00) 


  • The North Bend Senior Center was founded in 1981 with a mission to provide social and recreational opportunities for area seniors. The center boasts 150 members ages 50 and over and serves more than 7,000 individuals each year through a variety of programs. With this grant, the North Bend Senior Center will be able to renovate parts of the senior center including replacing flooring and equipment.


-Friends of the Coquille River Walk ($2,500.00)


  • Friends of the Coquille River Walk was formed in 2001 by a group of citizens wanting to utilize the old railroad grade running through Coquille and turn it into a scenic walking trail. In 2008 the group took the steps to file for their 501(c)(3) status. Phase 1 of the river walk was completed in 2011 which included a parking lot adjacent to highway 42, picnic tables, benches, 1100 feet of hard surfaced trail with honor bricks, and a 360 foot historic trestle that has been converted into a trail bridge. The second phase will be started with the help of the $2,500 grant from the Community Fund, which will include interpretive signage and audio walking tours.


-Little Theatre on the Bay ($5,000.00)


  • Little Theatre on the Bay was chartered in 1948 and their mission includes discovering and developing local talent from our youth and producing theatrical performances for the entertainment and cultural enrichment of the community. The Theatre stages approximately 52 performances each year and engages in more than 7,300 community members as actors, backstage support and audience members. The grant from the Coquille Tribal Community Fund will help with a multi phase theatre renovation which includes providing ADA accessible rest rooms, relocating electrical and gas lines, and painting the theatre.


-City of Coos Bay Fire Department($5,000.00)


  • The Coos Bay Fire Department is here to actively promote, deliver and preserve a feeling of security, safety and exceptional quality of service to the citizens of our community. in 2015 CBFD responded to 3,000 emergency calls and have trained 25 volunteer personnel to assist in emergency efforts. A $5,000 grant from the Fund will help the Fire Department purchase NFPA compliant fire hose. With this purchase, the fleet will be fully equipped with compliant fire hose.


-The Lighthouse School ($7,000.00)


  • Parents founded The Lighthouse School in 2001 hoping to provide students and their families with a challenging creative learning environment dedicated to academic excellence. The School values and models compassion for all living things, respect for the environment and an appreciation for a changing and multicultural world. A grant from the Coquille Tribal Fund will help the school purchase new laptops that to use in the classes.


-Bandon Community Preschool ($5,000.00)


  • Bandon Community Preschool was founded in 1999. Their goal is to strengthen the bonds of the community for the benefit of our children's future. Funding from this grant will help purchase supplies for the preschool classroom. These items include an outdoor shed to store toys, exterior sign for the school, printer/copier, teacher training and supplies, and a school computer.


-Coquille Watershed Association ($1,600.00)


  • The mission of the Coquille Watershed Association is to assess the watershed's conditions and to work with landowners, civic organizations, private foundations and Governmental agencies to enhance and restore our aquatic and wildlife resources by implementing management practices and natural restoration projects that are designed to support environmental integrity and economic stability for the communities of the Coquille Watershed. The Coquille Watershed hopes to build a new, informative and user-friendly website that enables us to communicate with a larger audience, share news of restoration projects, upload significant documents for the public and post current events.


-Ellensburg Theatre Company ($5,000.00)


  • The Ellensburg Theatre was established as a non profit in 2002. Their mission is to enhance, promote, develop, and produce theatrical arts. The Theatre has been active in Curry County since 1971! ETC hopes, with this grant, to update the theatre to include adding a secondary stairwell and staircase as a fire exit/emergency access from the first floor/basement, to update the heating system, upgrade to LED lighting, and more!


-Kid Time Discovery Experience ($5,000.00)


  • Kid Time connects imaginative play with life-long success. They were founded in 1998 and opened in 2005. Each day, over 100 children rely on Kid Time as their primary source of early learning and they serve between 4,000 and 5,000 visitors each month. The $5,000.00 grant will help the community preschool program improve education readiness by providing more opportunities at the school.


-Lower Umpqua Hospital Foundation ($4,000.00)


  • The Lower Umpqua Hospital Foundation was incorporated in 1982 and is dedicated to fostering better health care for the community. Recently, the Foundation partnered with the board organized to help renovate Lions Park in an effort to raise funds to complete the project. Their goal with this project is to provide a safe and fun place for families to recreate and engage in community. Some of the things this grant will help with are: Replacing the preschool structure at the park, replacing the upper age structure at the park, replace existing swing set, sand and repaint all wooden benches in the park, and replace the drinking fountain and ADA ramps.


-Willamette Farm & Food Coalition ($5,000.00)


  • Willamette Farm & Food Coalition is dedicated to supporting the development of a secure, sustainable food system in Lane County. They work on increasing low-income families access to locally grown fruits and vegetables and to connect households, businesses and institutions directly to area farms. With funds from the Coquille Tribe, the Coalition hopes to educate student's on where food comes from and how it is grown by offering a "Harvest of the Month" program, which would run from April-June. This would include farm field trips and "tasting tables" at four low Income schools which would enable students to try fresh produce and provide those resources to their families.





For a list of the last three years of grantees, including our 2011-2012 grantees, click here.

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