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About The Fund



  • Grants from the Fund shall be expended with an emphasis on Education; Health; Public Safety; Gambling Addiction, prevention, education and treatment; Arts & Culture; the Environment; and Historic Preservation.
  • Grants from the Fund shall be expended for the benefit of the public within Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, and Lane Counties.
  • Grants may be made to charitable organizations in the above counties and to the Tribe.
  • Grants may also be made to Governmental Agencies in Coos County  where funds are available for public programs involving schools, police and fire departments and similar agencies. Public agencies not based in Coos County may benefit from grants indirectly if they apply through a nonprofit organization Public agencies located outside of Coos County may also apply for grants specifically intended for programs or projects they administer that are located in Coos County
  • Proposals not clearly within the Fund’s priority areas, but not clearly ineligible, will be screened by the board members. If at least one board member seeks board discussion of the proposal, it can be considered for funding.




Areas of Focus- in more depth


Education- Examples might be; school programs, supplies, technology, after school programs, kindergarten readiness programs, pre-schools, reading programs, school libraries, music education, art education. Please note that public schools or government agencies not based in Coos County may benefit from grants indirectly if they apply through a nonprofit organization; otherwise the public school or government agencies must be located in Coos County.


Public Safety- Examples of this could be Volunteer Fire/Police Departments, Volunteer Rescue Squads, Volunteer EMS, and/or Governmental Departments Surrounding the Tribe's Reservation (In Coos County).


Arts & Culture- Music appreciation, theater arts, cultural events, etc.


Environment- This includes, but is not limited to, projects including air, water, minerals, and organisms.


Historic Preservation-A project or endeavor that seeks to preserve, conserve and protect buildings, objects, and other artifacts of historical significance.


Health- Physical health, Mental health, food and energy assistance, and overall well-being.


Problem Gaming- Gambling Addiction Prevention, Education, and Treatment.



Projects that are not eligible


While the Fund makes grants in diverse fields, the following are not eligible for grant review:


http://coquilletribalfund.org/images/bullet.gif General operating expenses, including salaries and fringe


Fund-raising benefits or program advertising


Funding of endowments


Individual needs


Medical or scientific research


Recreation and sporting program sponsorships


Religious programs


Residential care and medical clinics


Scholarships or Fellowships

http://coquilletribalfund.org/images/bullet.gif Governmental Agencies, including public school districts, outside of Coos County



Please Note:

Requests for in kind donations should be directed to Jackie Chambers at the Coquille Tribal Office. These requests must be under $1,000.00.

Mailing Address: 3050 Tremont St. North Bend, OR 97459.

E-mail: jackiechambers@coquilletribe.org


In Kind donations can be requested at The Mill Casino at donations@themillcasino.com. Applications also are available at The Mill Casino • Hotel General Store.  These donation requests are not eligible for Community Fund grants. For questions about this donation request please call The Mill Casino directly at 541-756-8800.

Grant History


In 2001, the Coquille Tribal Council established the Coquille Tribal Community Fund in order to share profits from its business ventures, particularly The Mill Casino • Hotel, with the surrounding community. The Fund gives the Tribe a means to target its charitable efforts toward projects that will make a clear difference for daily life in the Bay Area and the southwest Oregon region.


YearGrantsTotal Award
2001-20028 $80,000.00
2002-200314 $129,962.00
2003-200435 $210,281.00
2004-200537 $399,000.00
2005-200655 $514,205.00
2006-200756 $634,148.00
2007-200837 $685,725.00
2008-200942 $590,013.00
2009-201046 $294,000.00
2010-201145 $265,750.00
2011-201247 $345,800.00
2012-2013 34 $207,000.00
2013-2014 39 $342,000.00
2014-2015 65 $408,000.00
2015-2016 96 $399,981.00
2016-2017 44 $361,961.90
Totals 700 $5,867,826.90

A seven-member Board of Trustees governs the Coquille Tribal Community Fund. To meet the CTCF Trustees, click here.

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